FUNDESCO maintains its commitment to bring together the knowledge and experience of individuals and companies, for the sake of KNOWLEDGE and LEARNING. And in this point is where FUNDESCO, with vision to constituting in the future a University Institute, is going to do the difference of value supported differential in distinguishing the gap between TO LEARN and TO APPREHENDING.

TO LEARN (innovation educational scheme): to assimilate, to memorize, to study, to learn, to be cultivated, to be formed, to acquire the knowledge of a thing.Students are passive, are containers of memories where they receive certain things, staggered in prearranged levels, and the success is only  measured by the instructors, often the reality of the teacher differs from the reality of the student. The student has only incorporated knowledge, but has not endorsed.

TO APPREHENDING(innovation educational scheme): catch, capture, experiment, build, live it, my reality learned. Students make their own, build and form part of the their own result, is not something that happens out there but left inside because he has experienced, it makes sense for the student because it worked in the reality of the student. The student has participated actively, so that the result achieved is a product and the creation of it. The teacher, guide and shows the way. 

From FUNDESCO have been developed from recent years, alliances that provide the participatory "know how" and binding makes another differential values. This group of colleagues has been growing increasingly. And with each new member also increases the level of knowledge and experience that knowledge accumulated in each of us.

In this way transforms us, we create training and workshops, where participants are wearing this integration grasp as much or more of each failure as every success. Since technologies and business supported by technologies, are agents of innovation and change, which is constantly developing, thinking or dealing with a vicious or virtuous circle of information, infrastructure, processes and people.

From this Institute, we know that both, the teacher and the student have much to teach and much to learn. But both apprehends with the final result.

Director: Oscar Andrés Schmitz

Twitter: @SchmitzOscar

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